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Updated: Dec 30, 2018


Irrespective of what happened on the field, the Rats have had a fantastic year. Therefore, in anticipation of the end of the season, below are my Top 10 personal season highlights (in no particular order):

Watching Big Manny Meafou terrorise sidesEnjoying the progression of young talented Rats – Marr, Thomas, Chee-Kam, Lemalu et alSeeing the “Kiwi human wrecking ball” Tom Preece smash people (including friendly fire on our very own JT at Manly Oval!!!) Watching the maturity of the Hillbillies from crass, drunken, loud mouths to mature, refined young gentlemen and women that any parent would be proud of.Game day at Rat Park – music, Harley’s, food and drink, Benji’s band…makes coming to the rugby on Saturday an absolute joy. Special mention to the ham and salad rolls.Seeing our young Colts go from early season easybeats to a very competitive, feisty side that defeated the beast, Sydney Uni, for the first time in ten or so yearsWatching proudly as four of our Ratettes represent the Wallaroos against the Kiwis…well done to Crystal, Emily, Cobie-Jane and Shanice.Myles Dorrian’s amazing drop-kick conversion from the sideline against Norths in the first round at North Sydney Oval…freakish!!! An honourable mention to his three match winning goals against Gordon, Woodies and Norths in the semi final.To see the Rats rise up the Club Championship to be third in 2018. This must be the next Everest for us to conquer…2019 Club Champions? What do you think?Finally, seeing the continued growth of the Rats into the local community. The crowds, the juniors, the kids on the field at half-time and full-time kicking the footies, our financial contribution to local charities are all indicative of the Rats continued contribution to our community.  We are more than a rugby club…long may it continue…

On a personal front, the Fan would like to acknowledge the contribution of our Hooker and GM, Luke Holmes. What he has done for the Rats, both on and off the field, has been immeasurable. Another generation of Holmes Boys are coming and that can only be a good thing for the Rats. Thanks for everything, Luke.

PS: This is the last rant from the Fan for season 2018. The Fan hopes he hasnt bored you too much. The Fan will spend the 2018/19 summer floating around North Narrabeen pool, trying to back a winner and thinking about the Rats. Have a great summer and see you back at Rat Park for season 2019.

The Fan

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Luke Holmes
Luke Holmes
Dec 30, 2018

Great column Brendan

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