The Clean of all Cleans

As we are sure you can appreciate, these are strange and difficult times for everyone.

The Rats Gym is a vital asset that assists the players each and every year in their preparation for the rugby season. Many of the recent improvements in the gym (equipment, flooring, paint, fans etc) have been funded by the FOW. We could never envisage that the FOW would be asked to fund a “Hazmat crew” to come into the Rats Gym to have every inch of the gym cleaned and sanitised.

This happened last Saturday.

The FOW funded a team of six workers to work non-stop from 7am to 5pm on this major project. However, as you can see from the attached photos, there wasn’t one single thing in the gym that was not cleaned and sanitised. Not just every bench, every barbell, every single weight, wall, ceiling, fan, and window, but also every band, strap, grip, collar, etc. Upon the re-opening of our gymnasium (the gym is currently closed for the immediate future), our players can be assured that they have a thoroughly clean and healthy environment in which to return.

The health of our Rats players could not be more of a priority.

Stay safe.

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