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The Friends of Warringah was reformed in mid-2010 and is a supporters group that provides financial support to the Warringah Rugby Club (WRC).


In 2018, the Friends of Warringah established the Friends of Warringah Rugby Foundation Limited ACN 119 353 650 (the “Foundation”) and became a fundraising partner of the Australian Sports Foundation (“ASF”). The Foundation is registered with and conducted under the charter of the ASF.

The ASF was established by the Australian Government to raise funds through public and corporate donations for the development of sport in Australia. The ASF’s listing in the Income Tax Assessment Act (1977) means donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Registration with the ASF allows donations to the ASF in support of the Foundation to attract tax deduction.


The Foundation

The concept of the Friends of Warringah Rugby Foundation (the “Foundation”) has grown out of the recognition of the need to establish on-going support to the Warringah Rugby Club Limited ("the Club") in the pursuit of its objectives indefinitely into the future.

The provisions of the Constitution enshrine the purposes of the Foundation, which is to provide the means to assist and support the Club in the encouragement, promotion, and development of rugby talent, primarily on the Northern Beaches peninsular of Sydney. In addition, the Foundation has been established to provide a means to assist in the acquisition and development of the infrastructure necessary for the Club to remain a force in Sydney Rugby.


As a reminder:

  • The assets of the Foundation are kept separate from those of the Club;

  • The decision as to the expenditure of the contributions is made independently by the Foundation Directors;

  • The Foundation is structured with a separate governing Board and a Trust Deed, which directs the Board to apply funds in accordance with the Deed’s terms;

  • The Foundation is also required to provide quarterly reports to the ASF which monitors the Fund to ensure its expenditure complies with qualifying expenditure as agreed with the provisions of the ASF; and

  • All Foundation contributors are welcome to review the financial records, attend any Committee/Board meetings or provide any input or suggestions for future projects or fundraising activities.

The Foundation aims to provide financial assistance to the Club in:

  • Sustained on-field success including player welfare and development for young men and women playing rugby in Grade, Colts, and Juniors;

  • Maintenance and improvement of Club facilities and amenities;

  • Development of a pathway for boys and girls rugby in the Warringah catchment;

  • Support and development of our junior clubs; and,

  • Community engagement, social inclusion, and support for our local players and the broader rugby community. 

Tax Deductibility of Contributions

Individuals and businesses are able to make tax-deductible donations to the ASF in support of the Foundation, which is registered with the ASF. A donation is an unconditional gift made to the ASF, offered voluntarily and not as a result of contractual obligation, and for which the donor receives no material benefit or expectation of benefit in return.

Donations are made to the ASF nominating the Friends of Warringah Rugby Foundation as the beneficiary.  In this way your donation in support of the club’s Foundation is tax-deductible. All claims for tax-deductibility are subject to being accepted by the Commissioner of Taxation and donors who are uncertain of their position should seek professional advice.


To Leave a Donation or Pledge

Your financial contributions to support the Foundation will help to ensure that the Club remains a strong force in the Sydney Rugby Union's first division competition for the foreseeable future. The Foundation cannot do all of this without the generous donations of its Foundation donors.

For your donation to be tax-deductible, please click below:


Directors of the Foundation


The current Directors of the Foundation are as follows:


- Stephen Crawford                   

- John Heffernan                        

- Paul Schober

- Stephen Doyle                         

- Brendan Paddison                   

- Bob Buckingham


Contacts at the Foundation

If you have any questions concerning the operation of the Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Friends Of Warringah(FOW)

The FRIENDS OF WARRINGAH was reformed in mid-2010 and is the supporters group which provides invaluable financial support to Warringah Rugby Club.

  • The assets of FOW are kept separate from those of the Warringah Rugby Club;

  • The decision as to the expenditure of the contributions is made independently by the FOW committee

The Objectives of FOWRF

The objectives of the FOWRF are:

  • Establishing and contributing to player’s welfare;

  • Sponsoring elite school age rugby players to the club;

  • Contributing to selected special projects for the betterment of the players and coaches

What Do I Receive For My FOWRF Membership

When you join the FOWRF you will be entitled to;

  • Membership of Warringah Rugby Club, which includes gate entry for all Rats home games in Season;

  • Access to a corporate box at Rat Park;

  • Attendance at all FOWRF social functions, including the annual FOWRF dinner and FOWRF 1st XV Dinner;

  • An exclusive FOWRF tie for our male members and exclusive FOWRF silk scarf for our female members;

  • Acknowledgement in the annual report and Warringah Rugby Club website;

  • A voice in the decisions relating to how the FOWRF operate and the intangible but real benefit of the knowledge that you are making an impactful, positive contribution to the future of the Rats.

All FOWRF members are encouraged to review the financial records, attend our Committee meetings, or provide any input or suggestions for future projects or fundraising activities.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

The cost for membership of the FOWRF is $1,000 p.a. To become a member please click on the button below.

The Friends of Warringah Rugby Foundation, helping to keep the Rats strong !!!

FOWRF About Us