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FOWRF Projects & Initiatives within the WRC & Local Community


In 2018 the FOW invested over $15,000 into  upgrading the WRC gym. This has been a huge factor in equipping the whole club with one of the best training centres in the competition. 


As the WRC becomes the destination for many players around the world, the FOW assist in providing job opportunities and supporting relocation costs of our next stars.


With an ever growing rugby program in 2018, the FOW supplied the WRC and Pittwater Rugby Park with over $8,000 worth of on-field medical equipment.


The FOW were WRC's biggest off-field supporter in 2018 with supplying valuable funds in supporting community projects, Junior club assistance and the purchasing of tables and attendance at all WRC Charity events.


In 2018 the WRC were the main financial contributors in running the Green & White Academy. This was the second year running and we saw over 280 kids register and take part in the academy which ran for 10 weeks.


After tragically losing one of our own in 2017, the FOW were first on call to provide financial support to players and staff needing assistance around counselling and welfare. This has stretched to players needing assistance in all areas off-field from dietary assistance to growing their skills in the workplace.

Past Projects Of The Friends Of Warringah Rugby Foundation

The Friends of Warringah Rugby Foundation aims to prioritise projects in accordance with what we see as providing the most benefit to Warringah Rugby Club across the spectrum from Colts, Grade and Women's. Some of our past achievements include:

  • Funded the refurbishment of the Rats Gym. This has seen over the years, $30,000+ invested in creating a training facility that is one of the best in the Sydney Premier Rugby Competition.

  • Club Facilities; The FOWRF is continually investing in areas such as scoreboards and repairs of the Pittwater Rugby Park facilities. The FOWRF along with Northern Beaches Council play a vital part in seeing Rat Park evolve and improve.

  • 2017 Grand Final Assault DVD. In 2017, the FOWRF put together a movie-length DVD that captured the amazing premiership win.

  • Rats History; Over the past three years, the FOWRF has begun capturing the past 55 years of the Warringah Rugby Club. The history of the Club is being captured in video form which will be built upon over the years. This is a vital part of making sure the history of the Warringah Rugby Club is recorded and can be drawn upon.

  • Annual FOWRF dinner with the 1st XV; This gives 1st-grade players the chance to meet the Friends of Warringah while inviting their mothers to attend this special event. 

  • Annual FOWRF Community Lunch; Over the last 3 years, the FOWRF has held a Community Sportsmen's Lunch that has raised much-needed funds for local rugby projects. These lunches have brought together the past and present and have been key in rebuilding the connection between the Warringah Rugby Club and the local community.

  • Continuous financial contribution to the Junior Development Fund. This includes the Green & White Academy, Community Engagement that sees players and coaches invest time into coaching and growing rugby within the local community.

  • A financial contribution to the Rats Junior Development Officer Emily Robinson. Due to the wonderful support of the FOWRF, the Warringah Rugby Club is the only Premier Rugby Club to have its own Development Officer growing rugby.

  • Assistance with player relocation. Over the last 4 seasons, the FOWRF has relocated over 20 players to the Northern Beaches. Relocation will see financial support in helping players in the following areas: Relocation, flights, language lessons, job assistance, training, dietary assistance, and education.

  • Support of the local Village Clubs; Over the past 5 years, the FOWRF has financially invested into local junior clubhouses, grandstands, change-rooms, and other facilities.

  • Assistance with player welfare. The FOWRF has provided the Warringah Rugby Club the opportunity to facilitate players in the areas of mental health, domestic violence situations and education training. During the tough time in 2017 with the passing of Lachlan Ward, the FOWRF has provided players with ongoing counseling and medical support.

  • Made a financial contribution to the WRC Injured Players Fund to meet the medical expenses of the players.

  • Funded the 12-hour military training exercise and other pre-season activities.

  • Club events; The FOWRF assists in funding player and club events. These events are used to build club culture, team building and celebrating club success.

The Friends of Warringah Rugby Foundation, helping keep the Rats strong !!!

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